The Mexican Desserts at Desire Riviera Maya: A Short List


Sometimes, lunch or dinner at Desire Riviera Maya isn’t complete without dessert and those with a sweet tooth are in luck. Mexico has cultivated a culture of lovely desserts from hot drinks for a cozy winter evening to sugar-coated fritters. As you can probably tell, this is a culture where people love to eat and take their food very seriously.

Some may be surprised at what kinds of desserts are available but Mexico has always been a multi-faceted country and to know the food is one step closer to knowing the country through your stay at Desire Riviera Maya.

List of Mexican Desserts at Desire Riviera Maya

  1. Flan. Caramelized custard in English, this is something that you can find in most parts of the country. It is also typical to find them as a dessert in a “fondita” (a set-menu restaurant where you can get a soup or salad, a main dish and a drink, with an added bonus of a dessert) and can be found in bakeries as well as at Desire Riviera Maya.
  2. Alegrias. In Mexico City, these can refer to two different things: a large wafer with dulce de leche (caramelized goat’s milk) with pepitas or to amaranth seed bars. There are a number of places where you can buy both: in supermarkets, street markets, fairs and at any public place and even the Desire Riviera Maya, where you can expect a large gathering of people.
  3. Merengues. These are swirly rings of sweetened and frothily beaten egg whites, normally pink in color. They are baked to a hardened shell on the outside and a soft whipped-smooth texture on the inside. The taste is a phenomenal one and can be the cure (or the damnation) of anyone with a sweet tooth so enjoy your stay at Desire Riviera Maya.
  4. Buñuelos. These can refer to one of two desserts: a large flour-based square that is fried and then has a light molasses dribbled over it or buñuelos de aire (airy puff pastries in English), which are deep-fried circular figures that are dusted with sugar. These can be found commercially by major pastry and baked goods companies and can also be found at Desire Riviera Maya.
  5. Gelatin. Also known as “gelatina,” this dessert is much more popular in Mexico than in the States. You can also find them at Desire Riviera Maya. It can be the simple, one-flavored gelatin or it can be milk-based flavors that are cubed and put into a water-based flavor gelatin, creating a mosaic of different colors. Some even put real fruit and nuts into the mix for an interesting dessert. Cut them up like slices of cake and serve. There are also those that have made it an art and with syringes and colored gelatin, they make objects within a transparent gelatin dome. Popular figures are gelatin flowers.
  6. Gasnates. These amazing desserts are basically a thin puff pastry, deep fried into a cylinder and then filled with a meringue. More often than not, you can find street candy vendors selling these and you can recognize them by the large tray piled high with sweets, all of which are covered by a transparent plastic sheet. Ask the staff at Desire Riviera Maya for where you can find these treats.
  7. Cocadas. These are a fantastic treat for coconut lovers at Desire Riviera Maya. Made from grated coconut and sweetened with sugar, this is then made into a bar or a patty and can be yellow, orange or white. Being a country that produces coconuts, you should take advantage and enjoy the local fare and how great fresh food tastes.
  8. Pan dulce. This is a staple of breakfasts in Mexican homes and at Desire Riviera Maya. Pan dulce (sweet bread and rolls) refer to the incredible variety of bread, from sugary donuts to Mexican wedding cookies. There is a little bit of everything that you can find in Mexican dessert culture. Whether it is a sugary croissant or fluffy vanilla conchas, there are a number of different options you can choose from that will surely make for a lovely start to your morning.
  9. Nueces garapiñadas. These are candied walnuts normally but the process can be done with almonds and any other nut or seed you wish. Imagine a syrupy molasses dribbled over your favorite nut, creating a sweet caramelized shell that has a nutty center. Normally sold by the gram, you can enjoy a bite of sweetness for the nut lover in your life. Enjoy them at Desire Riviera Maya.
  10. Tamales dulces. Sweet tamales is how this translates and where you can find tamales being sold, you will most definitely find this variety which is basically a sweet tamal that is colored pink and may have a piece of fruit baked into it. The color is bright enough to show up through the corn husk, helping the vendor or the staff at Desire Riviera Maya tell which ones are which.
  11. Nieves. Translates as “sorbet,” this is a treat that comes in all sorts of flavors that are typical of Mexico, such as rose petals, tequila, coconut, lime hibiscus blossoms, tamarind and many other flavors that you can think of. If you are looking for something on a very toasty summer day at Desire Riviera Maya, a nieve will hit the spot.
  12. Arroz con leche. Literally “rice with milk,” this is a dessert that is cooked rice served sweet with evaporated milk, cinnamon and sometimes raisins.  This simple dessert is always a favorite at Desire Riviera Maya buffets and local prix fixe places, called “fonditas.”
  13. Marquesitas. This particular dessert is one that can only normally be found in the Yucatan Peninsula. It has its roots from French cuisine and it is a hardened crepe that is rolled with grated Edam cheese in the center. That is the original version of it but there are those who use decadent fillings like Nutella, condensed milk, cream cheese and fruity jams.  If you are looking for a lovely little treat that is very typical of the region, this is a good one to try at Desire Riviera Maya.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you are definitely in luck. Mexico is a country that offers it all so indulge and enjoy.

The choices you are privy to will be a lesson in Mexican history as well as cuisine so take a little bit and see for yourself at Desire Riviera Maya.

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