Valentine’s Day Desserts for All at Riviera Maya Adults Only Resorts

Riviera Maya Adults Only Valentine's Day Dessert Picks

Riviera Maya Adults Only Valentine’s Day Dessert Picks

What is Valentine’s Day without some edible sweetness for your Riviera Maya adults only getaway? Make your passion as powerful as a lovely dessert to represent your love and devotion for your significant other. But more than just the gift of a cake, it is the thought that counts and sometimes, the fact that you make it for your beloved that carries the most weight. There are a variety of different things that you can purchase and make so check this option out and get creative. There is plenty to choose from so look over the list and decide what get out for your loved one. You are sure to find a fabulous offering or even something of a nice gesture from friends and family. There are a number of different things you can do so look over the following list and enjoy!

Cakes and Desserts for Valentine’s Day at Riviera Maya Adults Only Resorts

Whenever you enjoy a bit of a sweet or not so sweet food, there is something for everyone.

  1. Red Velvet Cake. This is the keen favorite for Valentine’s Day obviously because of its intense red color of the cake and it is something you can definitely find at Riviera Maya adults only resorts. It is in essence a chocolate cake with lots of food coloring and butter cream frosting. Nowadays, people tend to use cream cheese frosting, which isn’t how the original recipe was made but cream cheese is a fantastic option if you are in hot and humid weather. Butter cream will melt faster than the cream cheese frosting so you have been fore-warned. Make sure and plan accordingly for the weather.
  2. German Chocolate Cake. Enjoy a lovely chocolate cake with a Caribbean feel with frosting made from coconut in it for your Riviera Maya adults only getaway. The rich frosting is normally made with pecans and oodles of coconut are a great way to welcome in the sweetness that is to come. Enjoy a rich bit of cake to start off as the lead-in to a fabulous evening of passion.
  3. Old Fashioned Fudge. This is a sort of dangerous one because if you are a chocolate lover, you may get addicted. Making a bowl of fudge that unfurls like a ribbon is probably the single most sensual thing to watch, especially when your partner dips a strawberry in it and eats slowly. How about eating a banana and dipping the tip in it? There are a variety of way you can eat those and the possibilities are endless. A nice, thick fudge can be eaten on virtually anything in crepes, fruit, your pancakes or even on each other. Ask in your Riviera Maya adults only resort to see if they have any to bring up in room service.
  4. Fruit. When in doubt, go natural. Use suggestive fruits like bananas, strawberries or mangoes. Dribble juices on your partner. Perform on them as you would your partner to show them what to expect. Use the fruit to represent different parts of the body of your partner and show them. Tease them with a step by step demonstration. Pass the fruit down your body and direct your partner to where they should go. Remember not to stick anything in the genitals as natural sugars can incubate and create an environment for bacteria. Decorate your prostrate body with fruit and leave a trail for your partner to eat and feast. How about feeding your blindfolded significant other some fruit and then switch it up with a body part? There are a number of sensual games you can play so get creative for your Riviera Maya adults only vacation.
  5. Strawberry Shortcake. Who doesn’t like a little bit of whipped cream and strawberries? Get a nice sponge cake recipe and bake two or more layers. You can make a nice glaze made out of your slightly imperfect strawberries, along with some sugar so that you can coat your berries to carefully place in between the layers, as well as top the cake. Slightly dust the top with granulated sugar. The light airiness of this dessert will be something that combines very nicely with a chilled bubbly, to create the start of a very romantic evening of your Riviera Maya adults only resort vacation.
  6. Macarons. This French dessert has been gaining a lot of popularity as a chic dessert that comes in a variety of different flavors with fillings that can vary in all sorts of flavors. The puffy cookies that make up the bread bits of this lovely sandwich are delicate meringue-type domes that are normally brightly colored. Not for those with nut allergies as macarons normally have almonds in them, for those that can, you can enjoy a tiny piece of sophistication and accompany them with the drink of your choice. You are sure to find a variety and a method to this romantic madness with this dessert. Beware” in high humidity like the Riviera Maya adults only beach area, it is sometimes hard to bake them properly as they do not rise easily in these conditions.
  7. Cake Pops. The cake pop started out as a way for parents to give kids cake that is in an easier presentation to handle. It has since grown in popularity and has become a dessert that is simple yet elegant since they are bite-sized. You can feed your partner some pops in between a bit of refreshment, kissing or whatever else you have in mind at Riviera Maya adults only resort vacations. They are pretty easy to transport and make and they can be beautifully decorated for an evening of tasty fun.
  8. Ice Cream. With the Caribbean heat while at Riviera Maya adults only vacations, an ice cream hits the spot quite nicely. You can ask for what is called a “tres marias” which is three scoops of ice cream with thin Maria cookies or vanilla wafers. Banana splits are also very popular and with the fruit, you can have your share of suggestive role play or eating styles. Eating ice cream may get messy and a little uncomfortable due to the temperature so try just go a little at a time and see how you do.
  9. Nieve. This is “sherbet” in English and is a very typical dessert in Mexico. There are various regions in the country where nieve is very popular, such as Tepoztlan and Veracruz. Cancun and the Rivera Maya adults only resorts also have its fair share of spots where you can try a lot of local flavors like mamey, coconut, limes and even tequila. You can even find “pay de limon” (key lime pie, pronounced “pai de lee-mon”) which is lime flavored sherbet with Maria cookies. Enjoy the variety and see for yourself how delicious it is. This refreshing dessert for as simple as it may seem, it is a very typical part of the dessert landscape in Mexico.

These are some of the many desserts you can enjoy and can add a lovely touch to your evening during your Riviera Maya adults only vacations.

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